Copyright 2017 Friends of Healan’s-Head’s Mill

5751 Whitehall Rd., Lula, GA 30554


Approximately 170 years ago, William Head built the mill off Whitehall Road in eastern Hall County.  It changed hands over the years, but its large water wheel continued to serve as a source of power for the surrounding community, grinding wheat and corn and turning timber into boards, among its various uses.

Once electricity made its way to the area toward the end of World War II, the need for the mill and its great source of power diminished as it fell into grave disrepair—until, that is, Fred and Burnice Healan bought the mill in the 1960s and set about bringing the historic structure back to life as an antiques store.  Unfortunately, in recent years, the old mill plummeted back into  a dilapidated state.

In 2003, Hall County Government purchased the mill and four acres of surrounding land using grant funding from the Trust for Public Land.  After a number of years of inactivity at the mill, the County, along with a group of interested citizens (known as Friends of Healan’s-Head’s Mill), has begun the process to ensure the mill’s restoration and ultimate reopening as a significant destination in northeast Georgia. 

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