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5751 Whitehall Rd., Lula, GA 30554


The Friends of Healan’s-Head’s Mill has partnered with Hall County Government officials to plan for the complete restoration of the mill as funds become available. The restoration of the structure will be completed in the following phases:

Watch this video on the progress of the mill's restoration

Phase 1

The most pressing need is the stabilization of the Mill, specifically its foundation, outside siding and roof.   Once construction drawings and plans are finalized, Hall County Government will assign a Project Manager and construction team to address those issues.  This phase will be funded by SPLOST VII, which was approved and voted on by the citizens of Hall County in March of 2015.

Phase 2

Secondly, there is a need to acquire additional property surrounding the Mill.  Currently, the mill sits on a 4-acre tract, which is not enough land to complete the long-term vision of the Healan’s-Head’s Mill Historic Preservation Trust committee.   During this phase, there will also be an emphasis on abandoning the County-owned right of way that dissects the Mill property on Whitehall Road.  Funding for this phase has yet to be identified.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will consist of renovating the interior of the Mill to include the actual functionality of the wheel and all parts associated with the operations of the mill stone.  In order for the Mill to be functional and operational, extensive research is needed to design a system to transport the water from the dam, located north of the Mill, to the wheel at the Mill.  During this phase, there will likely be a need to procure an expert in mill construction and operations.   The Committee is currently proceeding with a plan to secure grant funding for this portion of the project.

Phase 4

The final phase of the project will be the construction of a Visitor’s and Heritage Center, which will be located in close proximity to the Mill.  This Center will provide visitors with ample parking, restroom facilities and a gift shop.  The final phase will also include walking trails and other amenities.   The Heritage Center will consist of exhibits which illustrate what life was like for those who lived during the time when the water-powered mill was in its peak of operation.

Watch this video on the progress of Healan’s Mill’s restoration